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What's up guys. I had an account here about 8 years ago and can't remember my info all good though. How has the site changed since then?

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Welcome back to site!
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Welcome to TTG
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Welcome back bro. I hope you stick around!
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You can contact a site adminstrator to work on getting your account back, that would be a good thing to do.
With that aside, welcome back to TTG! I'm sure the layout for the site is new since you last visited, and some of the rules may have changed as well. It's really slow on the modding side of the site, but it's still a great site with a cool community!
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Welcome back to the site man
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Welcome back man as Maze said above you can contact an admin for help on acquiring your old account back as for what changes theres been a lot but you can see all the recent changes here Forums/t=7769737/site-updates-and-changes.html
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Welcome back to the site bro. Good to see you have gold
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Welcome back old timer.

The site has change drastically since then. I would definitely message an administrator or moderator and I'm sure they can help you get your old account back.

Good luck
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welcome to TTG
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