MilestoneI'm very late for these....Posted:

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I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.
Since I was last here here this is what I've achieved:

  • Went from 300 rep to 3000.

  • Achieved these badges:
    Blind Gifter
    Blind Luck
    Shoutbox Hero
    Shoutbox Hero +
    Winter 2018
    E3 2018

  • 4 years on here

Thanks for listening, I'm going back to my cave to hibernate now. K bye.

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Awesome gotta earn some badges and rep myself happy to have you and keep on grinding
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Congrats, some wonderful accomplishments man
My g, Ill be up there soon lol.
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Congrats on those badges man, keep it up!!
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Congrats on your achievements!
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congrats on the badges and rep
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congrats on all of those achievements bro !
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Congrats on all the badges bro. Good stuff
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Congratulations on all your milestones you have achieved, best of luck on any future ones you aim to achieve.
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Congrats buddy
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