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Arcade King Badge

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Spent many days and hours bashing my head on my keyboard to get to the top, thanks for letting me get to this point.

The Following 12 Users Say Thank You to Anime For This Useful Post:

Federation (02-18-2019), Mikey (02-17-2019), Mae (02-08-2019), Dusknoir (02-08-2019), Xbox (02-06-2019), Mortar (02-05-2019), Adam (02-05-2019), Matthew- (02-05-2019), Redacted (02-05-2019), 40oz (02-04-2019), Mob (02-04-2019), BorutoUzumaki (02-04-2019)
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Congrats sounds like a grind lol
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Glad you finally got the badge you never gave up even after many many hours.
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Congrats yo, now you just need the Moderator badge
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Congrats man on your new badge! Looks good
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Congrats on the new badge!
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Nice set off badges you've got there, well deserved
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congratulations on the badge, that's a hard one to get
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Congrats on the badge bro. I've played alot of those games so I know how hars it mustve been.
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Neat badge. Congrats my man
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