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What's your favorite thing about the city or town where you live?

I'd say the music hostory here in Seattle WA from grunge music. And here in Seattle we never get tornados or disasters. Just a lot of rain.

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Jason (02-04-2019)
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One thing I like is that it's a small town, I know everyone here, plus not alot of wealthy people are here, so mean and my family get to walk around like Bill Gates seriously.
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The cheap drugs... jk probably shopping and eating and just walking around it always feels like there is something to do
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My town is really small. You know most people, and it has a low crime rate. I'd say that's pretty good!
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The endless entertainment events
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Living next to loads of stores is probably the best thing about the place
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The music here and the automotive industry, I'm from Detroit which is noteably famous for a lot of great things in the past.
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