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Welcome to the AMA of 2019. If you don't know what an AMA is, it stands for Ask Me Anything. Feel free to ask us anything regarding our lives / our roles on site and we will gladly answer.

With the decision of staff, we decided to tag this thread as SERIOUS. Any troll questions / inappropriate remarks will be removed.

Make sure you @ which staff member you want to ask a question to.

Here is the list of staff that are participating in this years AMA:

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You being srs no inappropriate questions

Why are we are here @All

Who is your best friend @madz

How much $$$ does the site make in total with ad revenue and that premium membership @idk Telli and Sean
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@sean will you reply to my pm thanks
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@Admins when will we relaunch the TTG YouTube channel, there's a badge for being an uploaded that can't be achieved anymore and I feel launching this again could bring site traffic.

I'm sure tons of fan art and projects would start if it was still an option so why hold back?
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New version in the works?
Been a while since V5 released.
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Sean whats your 5 year plan with TTG and how you plan to combat the decline of activity?
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PapaLarge wroteSean whats your 5 year plan with TTG and how you plan to combat the decline of activity?
I second this as I was going to ask myself. The current staff team is alright but what are these members doing in the position of power they were givin to make this site thrive like it once was?

There's also some staff members who i feel make it so people don't want to continue to use the site, I've been super close from just logging off forever and I know I'll probably get comments like "well no one needs you here anyway" but I've actually tried to contribute to the site just to see people who have nothing but non-stop favoritism shown to them for little to no reason. I once talked to someone who said they got rated awesome by just playing R6 with staff memebers and a trusted seller told me the staff just loves him so it wasn't hard to get at all.

These are the small things I feel staff doesn't know effects the community, when I work my ass off to bring people to the site it goes un-noticed but someone plays a game with staff memebers and suddenly they gain a status that puts hem above most members it's just annoying as heck!

What can we do to make TTG great again (no pun intended) (maybe a lil but still) I remember when the site was wayyyy more interactive and fair why did this model change?
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How does it feel to be on the site and as staff for such a long part of your life?
How has it impacted your irl standing?
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Will there be any other potential additions added to TheTechGame to add more sections and variety rather than just gaming/tech related topics? Such as social media focused sections such as Promotion sales (shoutout sales and other advertisement related subsections) for example. I have been a member for about 3 years and I find myself logging in every 6 months or so just to see like 3 threads.

Idk I guess I am just asking will you guys ever consider those types of additions.
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@sean: Ninja contest? I'm ready..

@madz: are there serisouly any opportunity to ever become staff anymore? Genuine. Also, what's your view on anime?

@zach: please become more active again, we miss you.

@Luke: how were u asked to become admin?

@Cent: we have a similar taste in music, favorite song of all time? Album? Artist?

@Chris: how has everything been back at home for you man? hope all is well.

@Scizor: why the username Scizor? Out of curiosity

@Tricks: Why do you support the Pats? Will you still support them when Brady is gone?

@Jimbo: how were you approached with the opportunity to be staff again?

That's all for now thank you.

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