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Akira Toriyama, Naoki Urasawa Nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame.

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Comic-Con International announced last Friday that the Eisner Awards judges have nominated manga creators Akira Toriyama and Naoki Urasawa for the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame this year. They are part of a selection of the 16 nominees, four of them will be selected by vote to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The other nominees for this year include Brian Bolland, Kevin Eastman, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Lynn Johnston, Jenette Kahn, Paul Levitz, Alex Nio, Lily Rene Wilhelm Peters Phillips, Wendy and Richard Pini, P. Craig Russell, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Don and Maggie Thompson. The judges also picked four creators to be automatically inducted: Jim Aparo, June Tarp Mills, Dave Stevens, and Morrie Turner.

Toriyama began his first manga, called Dr. Slump, in 1980, and it inspired two television of the anime and multiple films. Toriyama then followed it up with Dragon Ball, which ran from 1984 to 1995, and is still inspiring manga and anime sequels and spinoffs today. He is also known as the character designer for the Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, and Blue Dragon games.
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While I'm not a huge fan of dragon ball by any means I'm surprised it took this long to happen, easily one of the biggest fan bases out there and this guy is responsible for its mass popularity, it's not always about art by any means but art plays a huge role in what I personally like to watch.
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