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Not 100% sure how long I spent on the dark side closing posts, deleting comments, giving stickies, debating rules, making people jump in the sb by posting crazy emotes, ordering proper coffee with Sean (lol he knows...), giving warnings, banning toxic people (I very rarely banned people). I could go on.... I think it was about the 7 year mark. But what I do know is that it has been one heck of a journey! haha!

I have met some amazing people along the way and some complete and utter morons! But, I have also made some friends for life through this site and through my role as staff. I honestly could not tell you how many hours I have on here sitting in the CoD forums just going HAM on all the spam ( ham on the spam hue hue). The last year though I have been less and less active and as a lot of you will know, this isn't anything to do with anyone on here or the site itself. I went through a divorce and had to start fresh again (although that was two years ago but who's counting). I haven't been gaming as much and not been online in general really. I tried to concentrate all my spare time and energy into my kids and starting again. I'm back on track now and back online but I honestly still don't have the time for the site as staff. This may change and one day I may return.

Not going to drag this out, I like to think I played a good role on the team. I was more of a soft touch and gave people more chances than they sometimes deserved. I also used to stir the pot in the "back room" that doesn't exist and must never be spoken of because it's not real and staff don't post in there as it's a myth like the ssb and telli. 0.o
and I NEVER really took anything too serious, I think 90% of my time here I spent having a laugh. All in all I have LOVED being part of making this site what it is today and I hope to see it continue to grow for many years to come.

I'm not going to do a list of people to thank, everyone has played a part here and I thank all of you!
Not Icy_Tank though, he's the idiot that promoted me in the first place!

QUADS may once again live in the SB.....

one last time This is for you SHEEN

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It's been a laugh lad with all the quad destroys, Minecraft 1 V 1 and everything else that's happened in between.

Never forget

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I just got on to check out some tech news but it's sad to see you leaving. I wish you well and hope you can get your life back on track.
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Sad to see you leave Hilton.

Thanks for everything and all the laughs. Good luck with everything in RL and stay in touch.


P.s. fifa section is the best section in TTG
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OG staff stepping down within a week. Not looking good guys.

RIP Hilton <3 Hopefully a turd doesn't take your place and be like Famous. Complete shithouse
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We haven't really been that close but I have played games with you a few times and u kept me company when I sat in the shoutbox for like 4 days in a row without sleeping I hope everything goes well with you

You are a wonderful guy and did lots of work for the site so thanks

Also sorry for killing Ur cows it was Adams fault
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Damn son. Glad to see you still check in from time to time. Never thought I'd see you with the good old retired badge, treated you as part of the furniture of the ttg staff team haha.

Hope to see you back active again sometime in the future. You're one of the better ones xD

Catch ya round M8!
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14/10 Great Mod, better friend. Miss all the days we spent together. Keep on keepin on brother.
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Thanks for cleaning up the site so those who want to use it properly can do so. Top props to the staff who have to deal with it all.

At least you got a shiny new badge to add to your collection
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Gucci wrote14/10 Great Mod, better friend. Miss all the days we spent together. Keep on keepin on brother.

Where us your Retired Staff badge gone????
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