BO4Hello everyone and welcome back. In today's video I am goingPosted:

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Hello everyone and welcome back. In today's video I am going to be showing you a brand new glitch that works solo or with two players. This glitch will allow you to get endless amount of rounds and get some easy xp.
*NOTE* this glitch is AFK but to keep your controller turning off make sure your right analogue is moving around (this prevents the controller turning off)

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LSA (12-03-2018)
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have to correct the part you said away from keyboard(correct term for pc gaming) with away from controller(this is the correct term for console gaming), its also funny that i stumbled on that glitch a 4days ago, i wouldnt post glitch videos or talk about them as this is how they all get patched, anyways cool find and keep up the work
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Cool find dude thanks for sharing I'll have to sub to your channel
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