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Hey guys. On September 25th I left for basic training for the United States Air Force and on November 21st I graduated BMT and became an Airman. This is a big milestone for me. Can't wait to see where the military takes me.

AFSC: Traffic Management

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Jeez man, that sure is a huge milestone, well done mate, and wish you all the best.

Stay safe bro
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Good stuff mannn. Perform your best and you shall receive good things

I'm US Army out of Fort Carson. Just came back from Afghanistan not too long ago. Got much love for our airmen
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That's a great achievement. Hope you go far.
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Holy shit lung, doesn't feel to long ago when we used to chat a fair bit! Such an inspirational achievement! Congratulations! <3
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First off, congratulations. But more importantly, thank you for serving in the United States Military.
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Unreal dude hope you enjoy it an stay safe brother
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Huge congratulations on becoming and Airman and doing big things with your life.

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Good job on the huge milestone. Wish you the best of luck in your future!
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My brother is currently in the Air Force And I plan to enlist in the Army once i'm out of high school (Currently a senior). But thank you for your service!
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