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Hey guys it Wolf_Jr and I have a big surprise!
Me and the wifey are expecting!!! OMG! (I know this like a preppy girl FB Post)
But we've been trying and trying. And finally, after several looong nights; and several pregnancy tests. Today is the day!
I've never more my life

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Congratulations! Today is the first step on a long journey;)

Like lord of the rings, just not throwing it into Mordor.

But seriously, congratulations! <3
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Congrats my dude, kids are nothing but a blessing wish you two nothing but positive vibes good luck and stock up on diapers newborn to size 3 mainly size newborn to 1 for first year or so will be good but never hurts to start stocking up early lol good luck to ya guys
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congratulations man!
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Congratulations, that's awesome news!
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Big congratulations!!

You gotta make her a TTG account on day 1 though
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Congrats! There's gonna be a wolf jr jr
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Congrats. Enjoy the first poop change. They're the best!

All the best to you and your other half. Hope the pregnancy goes well, and the baby is healthy.
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Aye!! Congrats my man, can't wait to see you on this adventure!
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Congrats on that one! Hope everything goes well!
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