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welp cus i crave attention from people on the internet

uh i guess today is my 22nd birthday

can't believe all i did was sit on this site all year but hey i think it was worth it?

i want to shout out some special people that have made the past year of my life alot easier

i want to start by saying thanks to saki like i always do the amount of times you have talked to me and got me to calm down, laugh and just feel way better is remarkable so i really am thankful for having a great friend like you.

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i guess next would be coolbunny and wizard you both have helped me so much this year from gifts and advice you guys always helped me make the right decisions.

now its jimbos turn i love playing games with you and all the other guys when im feeling stressed or annoyed it really helps me given my shy personality i am really glad i started playing league with you everytime we play i always have tons of fun.

oh i also can not forget about dil or Ahri i guess the amount of times you have helped me with stuff is really appreciated it's people like you that really give me hope.

i could go on forever but some notable mentions

Zero Two

if you are not on the list it doesn't mean i don't care about you im a very forgetful person forgive my smol brain.

anyway i will leave you all with a song Spencer linked me

and well cus im a weeb
this cutie

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i hope everyone has a great day

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Happy birthday homie, congratulations on the BIG DOUBLE TWO. I just hit that myself like 3 months ago....
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Happy birthday young gentlemen, I'll be thay age soon also..xD
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happy birthday

i love you
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Babby Hirthday!!!
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Very big congrats and Happy Birthday to my good friend Loke. Crazy to look back 2 years ago and see we didn't even really like each other lmao. I hope you have a great day and get everything you asked for and more.

Let me know when the party is I'll be sure to bring presents and lots of sake

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Happy birthday. I just turned 23 on the 20th. Hope you have a good one.
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Happy Birthday friend.

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Hope you had a awesome birthday Loke, sorry I couldn't buy you RDR2
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happy birthday fellow sadboy enjoy it and have fun
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