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I purchased the PS4 Spiderman bundle and lost my game saves. I didn't know game saves weren't automatically saved in the cloud without PS+ since I play all my games on Xbox and only go to my PS4 for its exclusives. Dont want to have to trek through God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Spiderman to get all the gear again. Dont need trophies because I already platinumed them. Is the only way to install these saves to pay for save wizard or xploder?

Just trying to get my gear back without having to invest another 150+ hours.

Appreciate any help,

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Shouldn't you be able to move the save files onto a USB drive and then move them onto the new PS4? Correct me if I'm wrong, haven't touched a Playstation since PS3.
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Doesn't PS4 have cloud for the game saves?
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