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Just remember that this is the new territory for Bethesda in any game at that everybody in the wasteland as per humans are supposed to be the first ones there because vault 76 is the first vault that opens hence the lack of people around. It's just going to be interesting to see how the community Adopts this the game style. But don't expect anything crazy like them adding in NPCs Or any major changes to the Core game. If they absolutely have to that's still a couple months out. More than anything I just would like to see the quests be a little bit more Engaging
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This game is still having problems after almost two weeks :/
Please fix this game :/
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Sean wroteI saw someone say about using 3 nukes at once we crash the whole server most of the people I know who love Fallout totally hate 76.

Im definitely disappointed in the game, it was way over-hyped in my opinion.
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I was very disappointed in this game at the beginning because I was hoping for a normal fallout experience as a lot of other people were and it is far from that. But after getting over the fact that it's not a normal fallout game then I started to have fun in the game and started to see the positives in the game. FO76 is not made to be a very story driven game. FO76 is more of a survival game than anything else. A Softcore survival game that is. It's not focused on the story, its focused on rebuilding the world that is destroyed and working with other online people to do this as well as friends. Once you get past the fact it's not like a normal fallout game, you will start to enjoy the game more unless you just don't like survival/exploration games. If that's the case then id just suggest skipping Fallout 76 altogether, but for it not being a normal fallout game, it's really not that bad of a game. The game is very different and I can see why some people are disappointed because all the things fallout fans loved in all the fallout game is majorly lacking in this fallout game but it does so many other things right that get overlooked because people were looking for a normal fallout game. As I said, I'm starting to enjoy the game after coming to terms that this is not like a normal fallout game.
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