AdviceWill my existing DDR4 RAM work on new motherboardPosted:

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My current PC has 4x8 GB of DDR4 dominator platinum RAM

SPD 2166

Building a new PC with i5-9600k, and ASUS ROG Maximus X Code.

I would think the memory which worked on X99 will work on new PC. But it never seemed like I could run the higher speed profiles for the memory, so it's probably going to be running at 2166. No idea how good it's latency is by 2018 standards either.

But if it does work, I would not think spending another $200 on newer RAM is going to make much of a difference?

My use is limited software development ( do enough of that at work) and gaming ( running at near 4k with GTX 980 in SLI)
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Yes, the RAM you have will work in a Z370 chipset motherboard.

I'm wondering what CPU you have though because if you're coming from X99, that's at least a 5820k, which is a 6 core CPU. So I'm not sure why you'd want to upgrade to a slightly newer 6 core? Probably a waste of money IMO, I'd consider sticking with X99 for now.
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