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  • Christmas!
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Finally starting to build up my consoles again...
Ex Ps3 modded lobbies/Recoveries.

Unfortunately cannot go grave digging for my 100+ page

I'm hoping to find a few guys that were around when I was on before.

Previous name: CD-R

Hope too see many of you around the forums..

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Mikey (11-16-2018)
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Welcome back bro ur forum may be buried in the archives now and may not be able to get back so you'll prolly have to start a new one.

If you need any help setting ur post up or getting back into the site I can help whenever!
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  • Christmas!
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Cheers man! Hope too see you around.. I shall
accept your friend request once it allows me as
using mobile internet
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Welcome back my guy!
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Welcome back fam, see you around the forums.
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Welcome back bro! Nice to have a fellow member of the community back
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Welcome back bro, Hoep to see you active come to the box and get some free gold <3 stay active check out the updated rules if you havent.
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Welcome back to the community homie.
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