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Now doing solo lobbies per request!

(Temporary)Will do 2 for 30$ HC HQ since everyone wants to start going dumb.(Temporary)

Figured out a faster lobby glitch! Instant lobby's after searching now on Xbox!

BTC will get my attention the fastest! Love me some btc!

There's a reason most 'others' don't have this Trusted Seller Badge!

I will ALWAYS be straight up and honest with you, I do not lie or play jokes like the other hosters will! Please treat me with the same respect.

Modern Warfare AFK Bot Lobbies Xbox, PC, PS4
**Can DO Recoverys for all but will be BITCOIN 20$ a game for that unless you get quite a few.***
Anywhere from 100-400 kills! Around 20 mins per game.
Will match others prices if it's for same thing!
Even though most others prices don't even make sense not to mention they don't have trusted seller badge
I suggest being smart about dying and such!
Reg Dom Games so you can use compass to find them!
13$ per game
45$ for 5 games
90$ for 10 games
(done in multiple days if needed)
100$ for 15 games
200$ for 30 games
[Now doing per hour on Xbox or Recovery on PC/PS4 for 25$ a hour]

**Secret MASSIVE Deals for Returning guys that SPEND over 100$ w me**

If you want to drop nukes/play solo then pay 15$ a game and I'll let you drop nukes back to back. But they're pretty pointless so I'd say kill yourself at 24-29 kills at a maximum!
About 75-250 kills depending on how much you kill yourself!

Stay Happy

Xbox Only. Will Cut Deals.
The Lobby is always locked to prevent randoms friom joining
There has been bans in the glitched snd lobby's so I will not match their price.
Black Ops 4 AFK Bots Safeguard Lobby
10$ per Game

Modern Warfare Remastered CTF Or Domination w AFK Bots
10$ per Game

Infinite Warfare Domination w AFK Bots
10$ per Game

I try to be as friendly as i can to everyone but some people try to take advantage and I'm not stupid. Let's keep both of us Happy! Be straight up and honest or I don't want ya as a customer, but as you can see w my reviews everyone has always enjoyed me and my lobbies so lean back and come enjoy some Happy Lobbies!


Refunds happen very very rarely because I like when people send me the money as soon as you get in the lobby that way there is never a reason for one Happy nor TTG are not responsible for any resets, bans, suspensions, glitches in game etc. Even though i will try to help you out to the best of my reasonable ability.

No longer accepting people with new/blank profiles, if you want to come to me hmu on snap and use BTC or fill out your profile and maybe get gold to show me your serious!

** I will straight up block you if you ask questions about how it's done or how to do it, I didn't make this just to give you a hand out for you to start doing it yourself as well as if I catch you trying to join when you haven't paid. and if your blocked don't try to contact me to get unblocked, I've learned that anyone that's blocked is blocked for a reason, I will never again unblock someone. If you can't be a straight up and honest person then I never want you to come to me.**

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I can vouch for him. Was just in a few of his lobbies even took up the free trial game. Legit
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Wanna buy let me know man
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Could i get an invite to a trial game and possibly talk about custom pics, I am a graphic design student and figure we could both help each other out. gt: werdup15
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Look at this **** noob. Nah just kidding. Much love he's legit. We gonna run boosting soon ;)
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You still doing it I'm interested in buying
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Would you be down to do me a free trial? I can record a lobby if needed as well or even get screenshots for your proof for you.
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I'm interested, how do I get the trial game???? My gt is bxkers
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I'm intrigued seems fair, HMU looking to purchase bulk.

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