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New Reply ^^, PM, or hit me up on discord if you have any further questions and Please try to schedule in advance if possible, I hate for people to have to wait.. (everything I offer has 0% bans for I have a large reputation to uphold) PC, PS4, XB1 players are all welcome. WILL MATCH if the same quality.

First timers get first game free with their order of three or more games!
**On sale**
7$ per game
50$ for 10 games

Bring a friend or Solo games are 10$ each
Discord server :

0 Bans because No Hacks Mods Or Glitches!

More info :

More MW & Bo4 info in discord

(UNLIMITED SND, completely frozen bots in snd that respawn over and over in the same place) No longer hosting this Bc of ban chance. There may not be many bans taking place now but with a hack like this they are able to detect it on your account forever and therefore can ban you later on vrs the console based lobbies I offer where it's basically just a "regular game" where you did extremely well. To be banned by my lobbies you would need to be reported for boosting by many people and it's not like my bots that fill the game up will report you at all..

Reverse Boosted MW accounts available, 50-100$

These Month/Week Access deals are only available to repeat customers.
Monthly Access (enough games for Damascus from nothing) for 200$ 3-4 games a day Mon-Fri.

Weekly Access for 50$ 3 games a day Mon-Fri.

Normal SAFE HC DOM average prices but check discord for current
HIDDEN DEALS just pm me reminding me you come from TTG as well as pm on here.
3 Games (A little under a hour)= $20
25$ a hour if you would rather just do that, it'll include time spent searching for the maps with decent spawns.
6 Games = $30
10 Games = $45
20 Games = $80
PLEASE LEAVE SOME LOVE AFTER IF YOU ENJOY YOUR LOBBIES! For these prices it's kinda expected you leave love afterwards tho it is not required by any means just hope your happy!
0% bans

My Lobbies are actually undetectable and unpatchable and will never be closed vrs glitches/hacks/tools that can, and have been patched or had people banned!

I have never had a single person banned throughout anything offered and I plan to keep it that way by not using the above!
They last 15-20 minutes each.
Feel free to check reviews and ask around to verify that! Stay Happy!

Happy Lobbies website is being worked on, head to Discord to order and most current info, read the mandatory read me and then the prices section there then pm!

**YouTube video got taken down**

Best game yet!

Extra Info:

HMU directly to buy rn until website payments are back/ if they come back!
No kids!
I prefer to not use hacks/mods for levels or camos because that will be on your account forever where they can see it's been modded or hacked so you could potentially get reset in the future.

About Me

No need to fear or stress I'm a trusted seller, 100% legit and will try my best to keep you happy.
I try to be as friendly as I can to everyone but some people try to take advantage and I'm not stupid. Please do not come to me to fish info on how to do these, your not my student. Let's keep both of us Happy! Be straight up and honest or I don't want ya as a customer, but as you can see with my reviews everyone has always enjoyed me and my lobbies so lean back and come enjoy some Happy Lobbies!


Ban/Refund Policy

Refunds happen very very rarely because I like when people send me the money as soon as you get in the lobby that way there is never a reason for one Happy nor TTG are not responsible for any resets, bans, suspensions, glitches in game etc. Even though i will try to help you out to the best of my reasonable ability.

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I can vouch for him. Was just in a few of his lobbies even took up the free trial game. Legit
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Wanna buy let me know man
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Could i get an invite to a trial game and possibly talk about custom pics, I am a graphic design student and figure we could both help each other out. gt: werdup15
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Look at this **** noob. Nah just kidding. Much love he's legit. We gonna run boosting soon ;)
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You still doing it I'm interested in buying
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Would you be down to do me a free trial? I can record a lobby if needed as well or even get screenshots for your proof for you.
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I'm interested, how do I get the trial game???? My gt is bxkers
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I'm intrigued seems fair, HMU looking to purchase bulk.

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