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Well it happened...

I just hit 300 SB Gifts!! Only 100 to go if they add more badges...

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The badge I'm aiming for now is the "Ultimate Gifter", only 300 more to go...

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive

This community is the best!!

(And of course, "Rated Awesome")

The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to XC For This Useful Post:

Jay (12-02-2018), RepBandit (12-02-2018), Ninja (12-02-2018), Mikey (12-02-2018), Tom (11-01-2018), 40oz (10-31-2018), Kyle (10-31-2018), Anime (10-31-2018)
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Congratulations on gifting randomly to everyone, keep up the great work.
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Congrats bro on 300 SB gifts!! Thank you for all that you do for the community
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congrats on spending a ton of money on a rigged system.
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Crazy how many times you gifted just this month. Well done, hopefully that rated awesome badge will be coming soon!
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Congrats on the 300 sb gifts man, you sure did set the bar high for me to crack one day haha.

Enjoy that ATH flash man GG.
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For all the people who got gifted and a shit tonne of rep not many have come to congratulate you, which is a shame. Such a generous guy. Awesome badge needs you, you dint need it ;) Congratulations my man! <3
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