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NASA are wanting to send humans to live in Air ships floating on clouds on Venus!

Read all about it on the link below.
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Mikey (10-24-2018)
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Given that Venus is the hottest planet in our Solar System, you couldn't pay me enough money to ever to this. It is very fascinating how far we have come to have private businesses and corporations wanting to send people to space this way in the future. We will need something other than our Earth in generations that will follow us.
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HAVOC seems really interesting. We're gonna have floating homes before too long lol
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This would be really interesting to see if this happens. Id say maybe another 50 years and wou could have floating cars for the general public to purchase and use legally.
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That's dope asf lol, just hope I'm still alive when all this kicks off. I wounder how much the rent would be to live in one of those homes? KAPPA!!
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Only if they install an instant suicide or kick from game mod in the mod menu
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I'm with Mikey here, I just want to still be alive and kicking it when all these space adventures occur. I hope to one day experience zero gravity.
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Id rather stay on earth lmao
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Or we can just help Space X and Elon Musk get to Mars, as venus will be a lot more difficult not saying mars isnt but we can actually teraform mars and make it sustainable for Human life as for Venus that would be impossible with its extreme heat.
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this is a little out there xD
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