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For those of you unfamiliar:

Tokyo Ghoul:
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Current season (Tokyo Ghoul: re):
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Where to watch (legally):

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Season 2 Episode 1 (spoilers duhh):

Not entirely sure how I should even begin this. I was more than eager to get into this new season after the little break in between season 1. Much to my surprise, the rapid pace shown in season 1 has somehow been cranked to 11. I appreciate the no nonsense approach being taken but its much too quick to properly follow the story when a whole episodes worth of plot flies by in 5 minutes. It almost seems like there was an OVA I missed down the line. Kaneki is no longer the leader of Quinx squad? Theres a mini war going on in the background? The guy who didn't trust Kaneki due to him being a ghoul is now his partner and they seem cordial? Kaneki wears glasses like Arima now?? I cant deny the feeling of delight I had from this massive plot dump -- but the laughable pacing made it difficult to properly enjoy. I absolutely love the backstory we got of Eto, sorely needed imo. It was almost bittersweet in a way though. While I enjoyed every second of her story, the sinking feeling when I came to the realization that it could have gone into so much more depth if they just didn't rush it left me almost unsatisfied.

Overall, I'd say it was a good episode in terms of sheer story packed in one episode. I'd love to be optimistic and say this was a one off thing to get the ball rolling for season 2, but from what i've heard this will be par for the course. As a Tokyo Ghoul fanboy there's not much Studio Pierrot can do at this point to make me not like the anime. I just wish they didn't have such a massive amount of story to shove into 12 episodes. I understand its not entirely their fault but I still expect more from them. Can't wait to come back next week to what will surely be another plot dump.

Obligatory Eto meme:

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Season 2 Episode 2 (10-16-2018):

To be continued

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wow that was really great coverage of the first episode good job saki

overall I did like the episode I really enjoyed having more of a back story on eto I feel like it was just hey all this stuff is now changed out of nowhere but I do think it was a good start for the second season and I can't wait to see more of Kaneki


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once again fantastic job saki
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Great review and your worded it amazingly. It I feel like I was right in the ep.
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