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So I have stopped modding for awhile because it honestly got boring has anyone else done that it was fun for awhile then people just get rude and try and use you lol but has anyone else been like this ?
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I can hear where you're coming from. The modding scene is just slowly dying out but there will always be those people on xbox who think they run it..
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Would yall mind teaching me how to mod games and or how to get them for free? Void
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Frontward wroteWould yall mind teaching me how to mod games and or how to get them for free? Void

USB mods would be the best choice for you.
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Too many people abuse it, then days are gone now in my opinion
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Try developing a tool! I'm in the same boat as you, this is my second round of modding and it got stale very quickly. But now, I have a plan to develop my own RPC tool. It's actually really fun! It adds another fun patch to the scene. Just think, with modding you have the ability to create your own gamemodes ;)
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