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the games on ps1 are poo quality some original xbox games arent that bad like halo and i dont even like halo
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PlayStation 1 all day, I grew up on that. PlayStation is all I knew when i was young
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Ps1 for sure. I still have a few games like NHL 99, Grand Turismo, MBL 2000
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PlayStation 1. Then I for PlayStation 2 and then 3. Moved to Xbox 360. Then bought the Xbox one but moved to ps4
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Ps1 ratchet and clank
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PlayStation 1 was my very first console I remember owning and playing a lot I loved all the old GTA games manhunt Spyro and many more but if I had to pick between PS1 and OG Xbox. OG xbox definitely takes the win !

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i had both. It's a really close race.. I'd have to say PlayStation though.
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PS1 all the way, old school diablo, spiderman, crash bandicoot and 007 shit.

Old memories.
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PS1 any day the week, Driver 2 and GTA 2 best games
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