RantHow annoying is lag in a game.Posted:

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Everytime i lag on a game it makes me so angry i cant even deal. Especially when you know you have good internet and it lags.
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Yup, it's really annoying
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I don't think there is much worse when it comes to gaming tbh I'd rather not play
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Ohhh I hate it so much lol pisses me right off
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At home this is a huge issue for me. I guess that's what I get living tens of miles from civilization lol theres no good internet by me. At school my internet is much better but I can't get Open NAT which really bothers me too
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Don't even get me started, google chrome takes about 13 restarts and 10 minutes of timing out just to load Youtube.
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the worst is packet loss on rocket league. you think you hit the ball but you completely missed and somehow ended up own goaling.
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That's how the MW2 servers are right now for me, atleast once a game ill lag for a good minute and its so annoying I usually just end up quitting and playing another game where I don't get any lag at all lol
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I hate Lag in multiplayer games, but if we're talking singleplayer games as well the frame drops are brutal for that and can ruin a game.
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Pretty annoying when your about to get a 25 kill streak yeah.
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