FilmHas any movie ever made you cry?Posted:

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Any one movie ever made you cry ?

Just saw a star is born really good movie and it made me and my aunt cry. When someone you truly love dies it's so sad.
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When the dog died in teh movie i was reawwy sad
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I tend not to watch films of that nature. But marley and me was close xD
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Adam sandler click
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straight up titanic back in the day no shame
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that brooks hanging scene killed me

Saving Private Ryan
i broke down at the graveyard scene near the end

Important note: the content in the spoilers will spoil both movies for you.
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Green Mile
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the boy in the striped pajamas

Old Yeller

The fault in our stars
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Monsters inc lol
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I'm not even going to lie Marley and me had me in tears lmao
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