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yeah so my game was crashing like every 5 minutes, threw a new copy of windows on, still crashes like crazy. i dont have high numbers and i usually have discord and steam closed while playing fortnite, i keep a lot of apps closed. still crashing.

other issues im having, when im watching youtube or twitch if i watch for like 30 minutes ill have to reload page. very annoying.

i feel like its my my motherboard but im not really sure. any help is greatly appreciated.
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Is anything showing up as far as error codes?

Is your computer skipping? Sounds like it might be the GPU

Edit to add: can you physically see the motherboard? Most of them have LEDS that will flash error codes or at least beep
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If games/videos are crashing then it sounds like a Graphics/driver issue.

Did you install the latest drivers for your graphics card upon installing fresh windows?
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