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lets hear this xD

Year, make, & model of your first car?
How much did you spend?
How did you get it?

1997 Bmw 328i - I spent $3000
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2010 Ford Fusion SE V6 3.0L

Parents gave it to me when i turned 16.
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vauxhall corsa vxr, 2017, finance + help from mommy and daddy
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2008 Vauxhall corsa!

Got my self a BMW 435 now
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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I still have it to this day. It had 126k on it now it's up to 186k.
I bought it was $2700, my parents paid for $1000 of it then I paid them back over the course of 2 months.
I was looking to buy a car for a while now, I really wanted a Jeep Cherokee. A family friend delivers car parts, so the grand Cherokee for sale and texted me Dad. We went a saw it and I fell in love, went to the bank and bought it that day.
It's an old car.. it's had it's fair share of problems and has caused me a lot of stress. Shit, I gotta take it to the shop sometime this week.
That is my baby though, I would like to keep it until it dies but if I find a Wrangler for a decent price I'll for sure get that.
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1986 Corvette, got it for 2500$

It was leaking oil when I had bought it, but it was an easy fix.

now i'm about 5k into it mechanically, gonna start thinking about how/if i want to stance it, gotta get some new rims for it, then i gotta get the car sprayed again.

11/10 would make the purchase again ngl.
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2003 Mazda Protege.

I got it for $500. It ran hot. We got it running again, it lasted about a year.

No regrets, I loved that pile of shit.
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94 cherokee lol $1000 almost new when i was 16. im 20 now still have it but drive a 2013 f150.
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My first car was a
Vauxhall corsa 2003

Cost me £100

Got it from a guy who just needed it gone I was walking down the street and he asked if I was interessted

Cars didn't mean much to me then tho I had a motorbike much preferred it ;)
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FIRST car - 83 camaro z28
$ - given to me from my dad

First car when I got my license - 2012 gmc Sierra z71 ( Needed a truck)
Where?- Parents helped me get the loan from the dealer

My first car was a 83 camaro z28. It was my dads car back in the late 80s and he gave it to my sister in the 90 and she blew the motor up in it. So she gave it back to my dad. Ever since I was little we always talked about doing a father son project. Before I got my license we started fixing it up. Then when I got my license I needed a truck and the camaro still wasn't drivable so my parents helped me get a loan on a new 2012 gmc Sierra z71. I had money saved up and I put some of it down to get the payments down. Jr year of High school I finally got the camaro running and driving. And still a father son project 4 years later.

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