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Basically I was wondering if I should just stay on my original Xbox one or is it worth it to get the X, I play a lot of gta and cod not sure if it will a lot more smoother at all or what?

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Pretty easy choice man for me I upgraded and it was well worth it with my 4k TV and my renewed interest in gaming. However the biggest difference outside of the graphics is that the load times are significantly faster, so if you value upgraded graphics and faster boot times, and say upgrading is for you.
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if you have a 4k tv i definitely recommend. I have a LG OLED and the picture is amazing and games run faster and smoother than a Xbox One and the S model. My brother has just a 1080p tv and the Xbox one S and when we play PUBG my game not only looks better, but also loads faster.
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I would definitely recommend it for the graphics
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Only if you have a 4K monitor.
If not, it's not worth it at all.
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Just keep using your current xbox till it dies out for what your playing it will be fine!
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It'll be pointless to buy them new Xbox as they will have another one out in like 2 years.
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