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AndroidiPhone user for 11 years but time for a changePosted:

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I never thought I would be going over to an Android, as I've been using the iPhone when it first launched back in 2007. I just always got so used to the IOS, I just never found the courage to leave my iPhone. But I'm just fed up with it now to be honest, the thing that annoys me the most, is now theirs now Aux jack on the new iPhone's. All the Aux adaptorS I have used have broke or have had problems with them. Not to mention the new iPhone is so expensive, and looks ugly asf lol. So I'm due an upgrade next month, and I just assumed id be getting the new iPhone X. But I was like, why? Still no Aux jack? and now gonna run me £80 a month for a contract, when Samsung is £58 a month. So i was doing some research on the Samsung S9 Plus, and it seems to me the better phone. better louder Speakers, better display, better battery, and more importantly it has a Aux Jack lol.

Has anyone here, gone from a iPhone to a Samsung S9 and how has the change been for you, better, worse?

Is the Android operating system easy to use and is it quick to pick up from IOS?

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Saki (07-16-2018)
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You're making a mistake if you switch to android.
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Someone of your caliber would have a lot of issues switching to an Android phone. Stick with an iPhone
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I would wait for a new phone to come out if I were you. It's totally up to you but think it would be best to get the newest model at release so you have one of the best phones for a year; instead of coming out with a new one in 6 months.
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But what about the Aux Jack lol, the new iPhone aint gonna have them ?
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Wouldn't blame you if you went to Android, as an iPhone and iPad user myself, I'm fed up with them too.
The AUX situation is just a joke and whatever they thought with it I've no idea, must of saw pound signs? I also believe, especially on the iPad, iOS 11 is by far the worst OS update in a long time. I know people slated iOS 7 but I loved that, this... no no no.

Why anyone buys new iPhones these days I'll never know. I even tried the iPhone 8 the other day since I was helping a mates friend install some apps and no joke I thought it was an old iPhone 5S with a faulty home button since they don't even click in... Probably another money maker for them they break and it's not just a simple replacement anymore.
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Go with with Pixel 2 or Essential Phone.

Android is my favorite; you get more functionality. Not a big Samsung fan and I've owned a few of their devices.

Pixel you will need an adapter: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Another flagship you could look at if you really are sold on the Earphone jack is the LG V30
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I guarantee you switch back to iHpone before the end of the year.
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I have an iPhone 8 Plus but it I were you I would wait to see what Apple have to offer in September which is usually when they release the new iPhones. If you wanted to invest you could get a pair of AirPods, they aren't the cheapest but man they're convenient, they auto connect when you open the case and they are just so good! Personally I don't like the iPhone X mainly because it is too different from what I am used to with no home button etc but that's my opinion.
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I was a iPhone user for 7 years and recently switched over to samsung galaxy s9+ I think it's better than any of the iPhones and I dont got through hoops in order to get shit for free. Has alot all together that iPhones dont and alot easier acess to all
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