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As I haven't been active in months, I thought I'd come back with a bang and do a good giveaway!

Enter this by telling me why you deserve the gold and how you would help the community!

Thanking the topic and repping me is highly appreciated but not needed!

Good luck everyone!!


1- Maze

2- Disc

3- Rauben

4- Folk

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I'm beginning to become more active and want to help the community in anyway.
Thanks for chance.
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I'll enter. If I win, I'll gift another person Gold. You can choose the person if you want.

Thanks for the giveaway and welcome back to the site my man! Awesome to see old timers coming back!
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I try to help people is as many ways as i can and this will be furthered by Gold, allowing me access to extra forums of people posting.

I have already helped several people on here if you look at my history in only a week on this site, i intend to continue this for a long time!

Plus if i get gifted and i enjoy it i will more than likely buy it for myself and then Gift others too.

Thanks for doing this bro, your awesome
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I would like to enter. I'm an active member but I'm a poor college student who loves gold. Welcome back man!
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I'd like to enter
I like to help out the community in any way I can!
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Keep entering guys! Will choose the winner in a few days
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I deserve gold because im a very active member and always giving back, so time to give me gold i think
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I'm a very active 7 years member.

I appreciate you doing this for all of us and welcome back to the community.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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I deserve gold because I would like the chance to have the full experience of TTG as a Gold User. I would help out the community by doing giveaways myself & by directing other users who are in need of help when Mods aren't available. Thank You very much for giving us the chance of free gold, much appreciative
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