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GTA 5 Mod menu silkroad download it for free! One of the best menus on GTA 5 (up there in my top 3). Let me know what you think of this menu below, any recommendations is always great!

Download is in the description of the video!

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I recommend getting the 2.5 version , so much more added into it
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dope menu man
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Decent looking menu, i'll try it when my new console arrives
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Hi can I have this mod menu because I play gta 5 all the time and goldenmodz said it is the best
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Yes 2.5 is beast!
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Sweet menu, personally prefer superior V even though it is paid
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So I was going to watch a video to find the link in the description for the mod but I couldn't do because it said I have to be signed in but I already am.??
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same thing it will not let me see the video
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Has video been removed?
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