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toy retailer Toy R Us is closing or selling all its near 800 stores after 70 years.

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Technology and how we can now purchase things online is changing the way we shop. Companies are filing for bankruptcy left and right due to these online websites like Amazon, Ebay, and Kijiji, giving us an easier way of ordering items without even leaving our house anymore. In the near future, we are going to see Walmart, Superstore, any grocery store filing for bankruptcy because we are now seeing Amazon selling groceries that can even be delivered to you. Another company that is going bankrupt at the moment is Gibson Guitar after 116 years.
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Sad to see Toys r Us go, went there all the time as a kid.

The one in my neighborhood is considered haunted, locals come to check it out a lot.
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Being Canadian and living in a small town I have actually never stepped foot in one.

Nice company to have with you childern but I know there prices were pretty high. Walmart would be my place to go for hot wheels and action figures.
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sad to see this, such a shame.
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The good ole days , when I was little.
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I remember going in here constantly as a kid with my parents and spending a good hour walking around the store playing with anything I could get my hands on lol
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Sad to see it go. Nothing quite like the excitement of going to Toys R Us as a kid
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The founder of the company died a week or so after this news was released I believe.
Pretty dramatic, seems like something that would happen at the end of a biography.

Lived his life building a legacy and then loses it a week before he dies.

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How are they meant to compete with the likes of amazon?
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