Should i post the tool in downloads

Yes please share it with all of us
65.22% (15 votes)
No keep it to your self
34.78% (8 votes)

Total Votes: 23

GhostsShould I post a ghost extinction tool in downloads?Posted:

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i completely forgot where i found it and when i tried googling it a bunch all that came up was the old one and i couldnt find the new one, stats work for everything (newest TU17 of course), prestige, level revives, relics used, INCLUDING TEETH and i wanna share it with the community but at the same time others are saying dont and keep it exclusive so im leaving it to a vote..

also im sure some people have it but again i havent seen any posts on it
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You can but make sure to have a virus scan..
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IF it is PS3 then I would say yes. Xbox you don't really need to.
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yes release why wouldn't you bro help the TTG community out
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