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Game ReviewsForza Horizon 3 - ReviewPosted:

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Forza Horizon 3

Game Information
Name: Forza Horizon 3
Genre: Racing
Release Date: September 27, 2016
Developers: Playground Games, Turn 10 Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Modes: Singleplayer, Multiplayer online
Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows 10
Content Rating: E

The third installment of The Forza Horizon series, excluding Forza Motorsport by Turn 10 (Ninth installment of the entire Forza series), Forza Horizon 3 does not fail to deliver the same nostalgic feeling That the first Forza Horizon gave us. The American developers at Turn 10 in collaboration with the British developers at Playground games have come back for The third time to bring their ongoing fan-base of open world drivers the next best place to let loose and fulfill their automobile needs; This time in Australia! With over 350 cars at the launch of the game players have not only an Urban playground but also an Outback fun-house, Forrest roads and, of course The usual Airport.

With a new map comes a much bigger audience, I remember seeing it on The news here in Australia, "Famous racing game to be set in Australia". An obvious issue for The non-gaming world here which almost had The game banned due to an influence on hoon laws; but luckily it wasn't and Turn 10 with Playground Games had successfully released The Third installment here flooding in a crowd of new Xbox One goers! This game took full advantage of The power The Xbox One produces making it a steady play however fast you like to drive. With Forza Motorsport 7 being built for The new Xbox One X; Turn 10 and Playground Games didn't leave Their open-world players behind when They had recently released an update on The 5th of January 2018 That allowed players with The new Xbox One X to install The update which would take maximum usage of The One X's power and unlock The true visual works of an open world paradise. Video below is a visual representation of the power of the Xbox One X vs The Original Xbox One. Be sure to change the video quality to 4K!

Offline campaign mode; The Horizon series has always had different plot when it came to open world racing and This time Turn 10 have outdone Themselves! Allowing The player to host Their own Horizon Festival This time, with such a large map span; you must progress through races to unlock and build new Horizon Festivals everywhere, and to be honest it's never a bore racing your way through the campaign and gaining 'fans' to open these new festival sites! As far as multiplayer online goes; players can do just about everything they could do in campaign plus more! From the original infected, to King and Flag Rush. Oh and did I mention the non-stop drag racing? The forums over on the official website is where the Forza Horizon 3 community is at; They are very welcoming and very active! A personal gain one might have when playing Forza Horizon 3 is the "Painter" and "Tuner" Status, a true accomplishment plate players now have to show off their skill! I myself accomplished "Legend Painter" with over 143,000+ people downloading my car liveries! A very hard milestone to reach for the many, but definitely something an artistically skilled individual would want to achieve in the games paint booth, which in return of making a visually attractive paint, you can get your liveries hand selected by the developers to be 'featured' as one of the first few liveries players will see when downloading a paint.

The DLC in Forza Horizon 3 can be argued the usual drop of cars they release in each game, however this Forza Horizon surprised us all with the release of Blizzard Mountain; a snowy mountain for the Rally drivers, and the Hot-wheels orange toy track wasteland for everyone! Hot-wheels map extension possibly being one of the greatest map extensions we will ever see in the Forza Horizon series! It also came with four Hot-wheels cars. Picture below is the new 'Twin Mill' Hotwheels car.

The controls in Forza Horizon 3 are just as adjustable as any other Forza game, allowing inexperienced players to select a preset driving difficulty to make the game easier. The good thing about the adjustable controls is; it lets you adjust the difficulty of your opponents too! This allows players to race comfortably among the A.I racers otherwise known as 'Drivertars' . Within the control settings players can adjust their transmission type to either of the following: Automatic, Manual, and Manual W/Clutch. My personal favorite being Manual W/Clutch as it provides a more rewarding shifting sound then just Automatic or Manual. Players will also find the ability to enable 'Two controllers', no not split screen sadly; but actually to use their Thrustmasters to race (Racing wheel) while keeping their normal controller active and available for quick use when navigating elsewhere on the in-game menu.

One The original Xbox One when Forza Horizon 3 was released, the graphics were absolutely mesmerizing but now with the Xbox One X enhancements; they're absolutely stunning! As close to realistic any open world racing game will come to capturing the realism of cars. Picture below is a great representation of the cinematic experience players receive when playing. Picture by: DJKustoms

In the garage we have the now common 'Forza Vista' mode which allows players to inspect every inch of fine detail on their favorite cars, with of course an informative voice over by an Aussie! On a personal note, I still prefer the Top Gear host from Forza Motorsport 5 telling me the background of my cars.

Ratings (Personal)
Gameplay: 9.5/10
Controls: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Overall: 9.9/10

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Absolutely love Horizon 3.

I like it better then the Motorsports with the free roam and everything.

Great review man! Keep them up
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Love FH. I can't wait for FH4 this year, it's going to be insane with the graphics.
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Fantastic game review mate, absolutely loved this game and played many hours on it, and you couldn't have writing this game review any better.
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Now this is one of the best driving games to ever hit the game market!!
1) Free Roam with Randoms and Do crazy stuff
2) Endless list of cars with countless Tunes etc
3) Expansion pack is 10/10
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One of my favourite games to date. I can't even wait for Horizon 4 to drop...

So one thing i feel you should have talked about which i think gets way too overlooked in the Forza series, but specifically Horizon in the Audio. Firstly the in-game radio, they always seem to defy all odds and pick some great tracks for the radio stations in game, some of my favourite songs of all time were introduced to me via the Forza Horizon Radio. Then we have the vehicles too, they all sound great, really life like especially for Horizon which is often considered the less serious car game, but i feel even though it goes for the arcade feel with the fact you get score and xp for crashing signs, it still hits the mark it terms of the life likeness of the vehicles.

This also applies of course to the graphics, the game always looks amazing, really surprising for a game like FH.

The gameplay is smooth and there are enough activities to keep going for hours with the main games content. I for FH bought the ultimate edition which came with all the bells and whistles, so i got the DLC, the hot wheels pack one brilliant, it was so much fun too, even the snow DLC was cool too. 100% no regrets on buying the ultimate edition.

For FH4, not sure yet if ill get the Ultimate Edition or if ill play on the Game Pass since i already have it and am enjoying some of the others on there and then i may just pay the extra for the season pass and other content.

Great review mate, hope you do one for 4 as well.
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Been playing the Ultimate version over the weekend and it looks and plays amazingly. It's the definition of essential. Best console exclusive game on XBO by miles (no pun intended)
And one of the reasons the Forza games are getting better is because they listen to their fans.
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The first paragraph in Gameplay isn't much besides expressing its abilities on Xbox One. You didn't write a personal opinion on the gameplay in your review, nothing about the vast exploration, different locations, barn finds and all different the types of cars and dealerships included in FH3, etc. The Second paragraph you go on about the graphics for the Xbox One and comparison (between Xbox One and Xbox 360). We all know you could have added 5-10 more sentences for graphics because its Horizon, C'mon, the game's graphics are always ahead of every other game.

For the game, I played this day and night when it first launched trying to get max rank and have all skill points before doing the higher races. I loved the new biomes Forza Horizon 3 brought but disappointed in the lack of adventuring. With Forza Horizon 4, you'll be allowed to explore anything you see, a mountaintop, a heavy dense forest, etc. The graphics for this game were on a new level with the Xbox One coming out not too long before this game came out. The shades of the car to the reflection of the sun on the main made it fell so real. The audio made you feel like you actually were in the car, jacking up the bass and sound made the house rumble when in a high-end race with a Lambo or Bugatti. I didn't play the DLCs since I ended the game when I finished the "Grand Finale" race.

Overall a great game to kill time.
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I loved this game, I only wish there was a few more certain vehicles to choose from.

Nonetheless absolutely fantasic.
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Very accurate game review, I personally love the game i would rate it 9/10
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