Which one would you choose?

Cedar Point
17.14% (6 votes)
Six Flags : Magic Mountain
34.29% (12 votes)
Universal Studio's : Island of Adventure's
34.29% (12 votes)
Bush Gardens
14.29% (5 votes)

Total Votes: 35

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I mean I'm sure everyone feels me on this one, but I'd love to go to all of them! Only been to six flags new england because its close to where I live.
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Universal Studios all day any day!
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Either six flags (I currently have a season pass but for the one in Texas), or Universal for sure.
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I'd go choose Bush Gardens for the both of us, been there a few times and it was great
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Six flags looks pretty sick. Would love to go
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Six flags, looks sick airways warned to go but live in UK
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I love Cedar Point, I've been there several times. It never gets old.
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