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Take this with a grain of salt, but a friend of mine went on one of those phishing sites like a idiot and got his account hacked. The took off all his cash (like 15m?) and botted green green dragons a shitton.

When he told runescape about the hack, they pretty much gave it back to him. He got back on it and all his stuff was gone, but they guy had botted from like 60 range to 101. Which is insane.
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Its sketchy with almost any bot, i too used EpicBot a couple months ago and kept getting banned within a few days of using it and only botting maybe 4 hours a day.
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They've really started to crack down on botting and have handed out a lot of bans lately. I don't really see the point of it as you will be banned from doing it eventually, it's like botting until your banned. I'd rather just go to Bandos or the slayer tower and easily make over 5m a day legitly. There's really no point to it unless your really poor trying to make easy cash on a new account to bot.
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been banned quite a few times with 40different accounts with different bots, so it just depends how long you plan on botting i recommend only 2 to 4hours a day to avoid it
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Jagex is pretty good at detecting most bots nowadays, if you plan to bot and don't want to be banned you will need to purchase a private script from someone or make one yourself.
Then you have to be smart about botting, don't run the script with 2 accounts at the same time because if they somehow become in-sync you're banned.
Other than that, just play the game legit. It isn't that bad.

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Botting takes the fun out of it.
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