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Just woke up and I'd slept for 13 hours and thought we could make this into a fun game,

The longest I've slept for in one go is 16 hours!

I guess the next person has slept for 14 as they're longest

And obviously keep guessing the next person
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About a day and a half, was ill asf
Next person probably slep 9 hours

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About 14 hours I would say

Enjoy the rep
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Nah most I've slept is like 13 hours I'll guess 13
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Around 18-20 hours was ill asf though usually only have 5 hours

I guess around 9 hours
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Not even close, 34 hours when i was laid up in a hospital with staff. That medicine kicked my ass.
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The longest I've slept was 15-16 hours. I felt like a new person when I woke up.
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longest ive slept fir was 14 hours
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8 hour or so
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Longest time ive ever slept is around 15-16 hours
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