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TTG All Time High Leaderboard

All Time Monthly Posts
Username: Mikey
Total: 946
Month Achieved: August 2017

All Time Monthly Topics
Username: Mikey
Total: 136
Month Achieved: August 2017

All Time Monthly Gold Gifter
Username: Mikey
Total: 85
Month Achieved: August 2017

All Time Monthly News Comments
Username: -Silky
Total: 399
Month Achieved: August 2017

All time highs started August 2017

The above list displays the highest totals within a monthly window a badge is issued to all time high holders and is removed and given to the next user if the total is surpassed.

Previous Holders

The Following 40 Users Say Thank You to TheTechGame For This Useful Post:

Mooned (09-06-2017), -Busolini- (09-05-2017), wittycalf47 (09-03-2017), XeCookie_ (09-03-2017), R0SE (09-02-2017), Devil (09-02-2017), -Silky (09-01-2017), Skankhunt42 (08-31-2017), Sundown (08-31-2017), Travis (08-30-2017), Toastyasf (08-30-2017), FredNJ (08-30-2017), Nik (08-29-2017), Echo (08-29-2017), prodigy (08-29-2017), Mikey (08-29-2017), Nodus (08-29-2017), Craig (08-29-2017), Lily (08-28-2017), Ethan (08-28-2017), Miss (08-28-2017), Xbox (08-28-2017), Supervisor (08-28-2017), RedWood (08-28-2017), TaigaAisaka (08-28-2017), RepBandit (08-28-2017), Tom (08-28-2017), Brigand (08-28-2017), Dusk (08-28-2017), Wizard (08-28-2017), Nathan (08-28-2017), Cent (08-28-2017), Adam (08-28-2017), Kyle (08-28-2017), maDz (08-28-2017), Tricks (08-28-2017), JPB (08-28-2017), Mickers (08-28-2017), Zesri (08-28-2017), Luke (08-28-2017)
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Nice topic. It's a shame I'll never be on the leaderboards along with 95% of ttg.
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Let's be real here, no one is beating Mikey's All Time Monthly Posts unless ya mans retires off of TTG due to sheer boredom lmfao
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I'm curious. Will there be an all-time high for only those categories that are listed or for every category? There's nobody that'll beat Mikey but I'm sure somebody could beat my 338 useful posts in some future so it'd be nice to see it up there.
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Should be a badge for Over All also, just my opinion.
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i would have had gold gifter if mikey didnt take that away -_-
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Badge is nice also, but if it's only going to be those 4 option to get that badge, I won't like it. It's making it more rare then Top 5 posters. Every leader board needs this badge along with my other post that a badge is needed for overall all time also.
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Very cool addition. I agree some overall top badges would be nice. Overall top thanks, posts, gifts, submissions(I know Brigand will love that one lol), etc.
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Would be nice to be on that leaderboard one day
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Is it just for the categories listed or all of the monthly ones listed on the leaderboard.

Also, I'm a little confused. All time monthly?

If it resets every month do you keep the badge or is it on a rolling month to month who ever gets the most for said month.
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