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Character Name: Ash Davis
Character Age: 23
Backstory: New to town, forced out of hometown for dealing drugs. Tried to straighten up and became a cop moved up the ranks, became FBI
Character Occupation: Undercover
Microphone: Yes
Age: 18
Roleplay History: None
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Characters Name:Paul Martinez
Characters Age:27
Characters Backstory (use as much space as needed to explain): paul used to live in nyc when his father went clinically insane, like joker insane, and hia father haf ended up killing hia mother, so paul went to live with his grandparents and his grandfather was an ex cop who trained young paul to become the best dang cop in nyc, as paul grew older he joined the nycpd and him and his partner both took down pauls father but pauls partner jason was badly injured in the fight, and unfortunately did not make it, so paul was in so much despair he asked a transfer to LSPD to help keep the streets of los santos clean.
Characters Occupation:LSPD

Do you have a microphone?Yes
Age? 22
Your roleplay history:real life medieval feativals
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