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Greenshire County is growing! We are now recruiting for Sheriff's Deputies. 911 Dispatchers, City Police, State Highway Patrol, Fire, and EMS.
Check out the link for details!
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We are looking for dedicated realistic role-players! New members will be provided real world training by real world professionals.

-PC required
-GTA V Copy required
-16 Years of age, or more, required
-Working Microphone and headset required

Come check us out!

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That looks awesome, and i wish i could do it, but im not a pc gamer
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Hi there I'm interested in joining this group and i meet all the requirement's however when I click the link it brings me to a web sight selling pills for weight loss is there another link to take me to the correct page thanks - SilkMars187
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FiveM is the best mod for gta 5 ever created. I love these RP servers. They are hilarious.
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hello im new to pc gaming but I actually got into pc gaming for the gta rp id like to join Id really like to meet some cool people to play with!
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ID love to join but need to clear some disk an don't know how to fully install the mods
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Talk about gravedigging, this community is long dead lol
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Hello, my name is Michael, impling62 on GTA V. I was wondering if I could get an invite to the server? I can't seem to find a way to signup. I'm really into roleplaying, if you or anyone apart of the server could get back with me that would be great. Thanks.
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