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Do not post about drugs/alcohol or anything sexually explicit. Remember, this game's content is 18+.

Modding rules for this section

  • Recovery services are only allowed by stickied hosters.

  • KV sales are NOT allowed.

  • You may host free modded lobbies.

  • No selling allowed unless you hold a sticky thread

  • Login exchanges (other than with PulseGTA) or any pre-modded services are NOT allowed.

  • We're accepting paid sticky threads in this area, but the number of spots is limited. Once all spots are in use, you will need to wait for someone to stop their paid sticky before you are able to buy that spot.

  • You MUST show valid proof of you being able to host modded lobbies. This means that you MUST show video proof of you in game with your TTG username and proof that you are ONLINE hosting. Once a new TU or dashboard is released, you must update your proof.

  • You may only post on your topic ONCE every 24 hours.

  • All contact must be made on TTG by posting a reply, PM, or IM. Do not post off-site contact details such as, Skype, Kik, email, etc.

  • Topic titles may NOT contain words such as "trusted" or "verified", unless you hold the trusted seller badge.

  • Topic titles may NOT contain "free", unless actively offering free services.

  • Do NOT create topics asking for mods.

  • Forcing users to "post legit" before they get in the lobby is NOT allowed. Asking users to subscribe/follow/like/etc. on social media for entry is NOT allowed.

  • You are NOT allowed to share a modding topic with another member.

  • You are NOT allowed to ask other members to vouch on your topic. Vouches are restricted for members who have used your services and wish to leave feedback regarding your service.

  • Topics may NOT include both free services AND paid services. There is no way to track if these "free" lobbies are actually being done within a paid service topic.

Member advice: Gold members should always be trusted more than normal members for paid services.
Trusted Sellers: We will be giving trusted seller badges to paid sticky owners who have threads with good feedback.

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