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Game ReviewsThree Field Entertainment - ReviewPosted:

  • E3 2019
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Hello everyone today I'm going to be reviewing the video game called Dangerous Golf

Release Date: 03/06/2016
Developers: Three Fields Entertainment
Publishers: Three Fields Entertainment
Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Playstation Four
Genre: Arcade / Sports
Players: Singular, Multiplayer
Rating: 3+ ( E )
Game size : 5.7GB


Dangerous Golf features around one hundred different miniature golf holes situated in spaces with many destructible objects, including a china shop, a kitchen, a bathroom, a gas station, and a palace. Players take turns to try to hit their ball into the hole, but points (in the form of monetary value) are awarded for making trick shots, and for destroying as many of the objects in the room as possible.

Game play

Dangerous Golf smashes its way into our game library breaking everything in its way! This unique twist on golf is truly a fun and enjoyable experience. You play golf inside rooms many of which are luxurious and filled with many expensive things and your job is to smash as much as possible. During solo play you go to 4 countries each with various stages with a target score to reach, keeping this in mind you can preform trick shots such as "wall bounces" to gain even more points you can use special ability's such as "smash-breaker" which not only sets your golf ball on fire but allows you to have minimal control of the ball while the smash-breaker is active. These game mechanics are also present in the multiplayer aspect of the game however you are competing in score with the other players. This game is amazingly fun in my opinion especially with friends but still very fun in solo, defiantly worth the 15 pound cost.


When I loaded the game up I was impressed with how well the game looks, I expected the game to not look as good as it does due to the fact that everything can move literally every item can be smashed and moved. Which is impressive let alone it looking good at the same time. This game although doesn't have amazingly beautiful graphics they re worth mentioning, there is a lot of detail placed into objects such as a burger. You can see the meat then each piece of lattice and even when its hit and explodes you can see each piece fly off in different directions.


At first the controls may seem a little confusing but as the game progresses it teaches much like other games with tutorials when you are required to use an ability or new mechanic. Using the left sick to hit or put the ball feels nateral as I beleve most golf games have that as default. The bumper buttons and trigers are used for hitting the ball much softer, going into putting mode and the use of an ability. Them being on the triggers means you dont accidently press them while trying to cause your destruction. The a,b,x,y buttons are used for hints and highlighting the flag, both very useful and easily used once you have read the control screen.

Personal Rating

I give this game a solid 5/5 due to me personally not having this much fun with any game recently. The Unique twist on golf with the arcade style points system is sure to give you hours of fun as it did with myself.

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Never heard of this game..

Might try it out though!

Sweet review!
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Same as Shep, I'm going to have to check this game out. Thanks for the review!
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Looks like a fun golf game, never really played anything other than pga. Will give it a go good review brother!
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Looks fun to play with friends
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pretty solid review! I've played this game a few times and it's pretty good!
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Watching the trailer is pretty cool and looks fun, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot in the future!
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I've never even heard of this game but would be willing to give it a try but it doesn't really look like my sort of game tbh
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Never played it. But it is a little out dated now i must say.
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