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Release Date: March 25th, 2016 (Browser, IOS, Android)
Developers: Miniclip (Steve Howse)
Publishers: Apple Inc
Platforms: Browser, IOS, Android
Genre: Strategy
Players: 1
Rating: 8/10


The browser for the games comes out for the iOS, Andriod and for the browser itself. You can play online against each other across the platform for the game to see who's the best player overall. You control yourself as a snake around the area to grab the dots around the compass to get bigger as a snake. Once you get bigger it's harder to control. The controls for the game is Left, Down, Right, Down on your laptop or your keyboard. I would prefer a mouse to play with. You have a leaderboard on the right hand side of your screen to see your points IF only if you're in the 1-10th spot in the game but for your personal points your points are shown on the bottom left hand side of your screen so you know what points you have. As I said the bigger amount of points you have the bigger as a snake you become.

Gameplay is a web based game that other people can enjoy around the world. You can pick any skin before you start the game with the flag effect on your snake skin. You can also choose what name to pick also before starting the game. It's optional not required! The game is JavaScript, you can control the snake with the buttons on your laptop or keyboard. (Left, Right, Up, Down) You slither around the compass as a snake. There are dots dotted around the map. You collect the dots on the map to become a cheating monster snake around the map. There's a twist to this the bigger you become the less control you have weaving around the other snakes with a big head with the big body you've got. You have a leaderboard on the right hand side of your screen and if your points are big enough you will be on that leaderboard 1-10. You also have a mini scoreboard on the bottom left hand side of the screen for your personal points and that just tells you how much points you have. When you run into another snake you shatter like a tea biscuit and it's game over. The adjective is to be fast and know what you're doing.


The graphics are quiet good as a iOS type game. It also depends what graphics card you've got for you to tell if the graphics are good or not?. Before you start the game you're not entitled to choose a name but it's optional if you want to see your name of the leaderboards. The octagon shapes themed background for the game which is very catchy and creative. This game was very laggy to the part the snakes that people controled would go into each other but they updated that bug on their side so I would say now the bug is a fix and it's a very smooth game to play in your spare time.


The down side of this game is that there isn't no audio played while playing the game. It's just a quiet sound while playing. It's good in a way it helps you concentrate to get to the top of the leaderboards but as I've said there is no audio playing when in game which is a down side for this game.


There are a very small based amount of controls for this game to use, it's simply the arrow-keys on your laptop or on your keyboard. (Left, Down, Up, Right) You can also move your mouse left to right to move the snake around the map. You can hold in your left hand side of your mouse for the snake to go fast but if you do it for too long your points will increase and the power of the snake will shrink and move slowly.


The iOS and the Android versions for are devoloped by MiniClip. They're not the creators for the game Steve Howse are.


Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Audio: N/A
Controls: 8.5/10
Overall: 9/10

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Awesome review for a very fun an addictive game!
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Sweet review man!

Never really got into this game lol
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Great review! Never tried the game tbh.
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What a game where if you haven't tried you really should, but expect to waste some hours on this. So fun when you end up the biggest in the lobby. It's just hard to reach that point. Wicked review brah
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Great review! This game always works to waste my time in class.
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Fun game to waste time!
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Your Gameplay is sloppy with common grammar errors. You also like to bounce around with your points; you'd start with a really important point but skip explaining it and rush to another feature. You repeat how to control the snake in the gameplay and in the controls too.

Audio shouldn't have been added you only have 2 sentences and the audio really isn't something about this game that makes it interesting. Some few grammar errors in it as well.
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Great review for a great game. It's such a simple idea (taken from but addicting at the same time.
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  • Summer 2019
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Its an amazing addicting game, very fun to play. Used to play all the time, I love .io games
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