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  • Christmas!
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I watch a variety of Youtubers

Favorites Are:

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  • Summer 2019
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Depends on how I feel.
Past few months I've been watching Matthias & everyone else at the Hi5 Studios..

But, other than a daily thing, just really StoneMountain's Siege and PUBG videos and VR chat gameplay from Dyrus, Drek, etc
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  • Winter 2019
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R.I.P Rich Piana
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EthosLab, big Minecraft youtuber.

SixShadows, a sweet Ark youtuber.

FrankieOnPC, hasn't uploaded in a while but has new good videos on the way.

Only ones I really watch right now.
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The Dark Den
Linus Tech Tips
Brave Wilderness

and life of tom sometimes
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Basically i watch anything with cars. I grew up with them and when i get bored i go on youtube and watch a bunch of video to get ideas of what i want to do to mine or how i can make mine better.

Currently like : Sloppy Mechanics channel.

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Watched Banks & Ricegum for awhile as well as ZIAS and NELK.

Lately I've been watching Ninja and Cizzorz though since I've just been watching a lot of Fortnite youtubers/streamers.
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