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Feel free to post your steam ID so other users can add you.

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Shoot me a friend request and tell me you're from TTG. I play dota


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Also feel free to add me, I mostly play Single player games, but I do play multiplayer from time to time. Mainly Rocket League.

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Like a lot i mostly play single players, unless its a shooter, then multiplayer.
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I play L4D2 mostly. Usually custom maps/campaign.

If anyone wants to play a custom campaign just add me. No mic though.
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i currently don't play anything as i don't have a gaming PC...

but once i get one in a few months, you can expect some BF3, Mw3, Starcraft and such..
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Just Recently Got An Account On Steam, But Add Me At
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philiejimster is mine!
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I love steam, I'm pretty much daily. Focusing on BL2 right now though. I accept everyone
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