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Your momma so hairy she has an afro on her nipple
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Yo mommas like a rugby pitch and everyone gets a try
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loool i love : your mamma is so fat when she stepped on a scale it said to be continued (:

And this one is okay :Your mom is so poor that I rang your doorbell and she shouted "DING-DONG!"

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LOLOLOLLOLOLOL [fade:8551ab082c] EPIC [/fade:8551ab082c]
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your momma was so drunk she could walk straight if the world would stpo moving
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Your mom is so stupid she sold her jtag for kv money.
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You forgot one mate

Your MUM is so fat she sat on the rainbow and skittles fell out.

=] Thanks
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I bet he copied nd pasted all this, who comes up with this by thereselves, if you copy nd paste, please give credit to origanal place you got it frum
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lol i like this 1

Yo Mama's so fat it's not funny
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Aahah there well funny

'Your Mums So Fat, Even Dora Cant Explore Her'
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