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Anyone know the roundabout cost to have msi repair a damaged monitor? I just bought the monitor a couple days ago from best buy and it was damaged upon opening the box. I took it back to best buy and they're refusing to exchange it because "the box is in pristine condition". I've been looking on the msi website (which is a nightmare) and found that the warranty on a 2 day old monitor does NOT cover a broken/damaged display. I'm very frustrated which I'm sure many in my situation would be. Id rather buy a new one instead of getting it repaired if it comes out cheaper ($200 monitor nothing fancy), but I'm not sure how much they will charge to have it repaired. Anyone know anything about MSI repair prices? Thanks!
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Sounds like a bit of a rough time. No idea of prices tbh. I've only RMA'ed my products via MSI which doesn't include a cost. If you're down the route of preferring to buy a new monitor, you could, and this is personally what I'd do, open it up or Google the model and see what panel is in the monitor. Then you can find a place that will replace the panel locally rather than sending it to MSI. Assuming, of course, that the panel is the damaged component.
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