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Welcome to The finest Modern Warfare / Black Ops: Cold War Lobbies that guarantee Results 99% of the time.

What we do:

For $20 Per Lobby, I GUARANTEE a war zone win every single time you purchase or a full money back refund if we lose which is almost impossible.

What Getting Warzone Wins Does:

Winning war zone matches is fun for some, and others it competitive. Either way you play you will get ranked up extremely fast, as well as going up on the leaderboards faster than most. I will bump you up on the leaderboard and will rank you up faster averaging 20+ kills per game etc. with 70k-100K+ XP per warzone lobby.

What else we do:

I also do Plunder, plunder as you know is warzone with respawning. The team with the most money wins. I GUARANTEE winning all lobbies were in with 100k-200K+ XP (8-12 levels each game) at the end of the game nearly everytime with 20-50+ Kills per game. ($15 per match)

What we do for multiplayer:

For $20, we will go into any game type of your choice. Ex: team death, search, demo, gun fight... etc and get wins non stop. $20/Hour unlimited games in that hour time frame with every single game getting a win.

($20 each hour, or $100 for 100 Matches)

Questions we get:

How is this possible?

1A. We have a series of professional players in our team that will get wins 90% of the time or money back, we also have PC players strapped with aimbot and a load of other things that will get wins 100% of the time.

If I get a modder to carry me, will I be banned?

2A. Nope. ZERO chance of ban playing with us, as our modding team has been playing like this for months 9+ months to be exact with ZERO bans. We use undetectable methods and rarely ever get caught. If we do get caught, the modders get banned and create another account and will give you free lobbies if they're banned mid match. But this never happens. We know what we're doing! been around since RGHs came out.

If we lose, all money is sent right back? No problems?

3A. Yes, we will immediately send your money back with no hesitation. We're aiming to be loved by the community before Black Ops: Cold War comes out.

Will you be hosting for black ops warzone as well?

4A. Yes we will. We're already planning with our development team that's in contact with mod developers to make cheats for black ops that our PC team will use to guarantee 100% results.

NOTE: Our aimbot menu and ESP/Wallhack menu is already in its early development stages. So expect us to be on BO Cold war a week or two after release.



+Private Menu In Development+

Black Ops: Cold War.

All guns diamond - $95
All guns gold - $80
all guns dark matter - $150
Warzone wins - $90 for 2 wins
Zombies rank - $100 each prestige
Zombies high round survival - $250

Things to keep in mind:

We aren't the kids who go around wall hacking and shooting kids across the map from 700.00 miles away. We use wallhack, aimbot, etc in the closest way possible to being legit. We only use these methods to identify where players are on the map and be able to take them out before they can take us out. So there's a really slim chance of being banned for us, and a ZERO ban risk for yourself.

Anyone TRUSTED ON TTG willing to give Rep+ & Vouch will get a free warzone lobby or any lobby of choice for proof purposes for future reference.

Thank you all
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$20 for a Warzone win? God damn bro, people are better off just playing legit.
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