FunnyHas anyone ever thought to combine Hot Peppers & Hot Chips?Posted:

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So, I was trying to think of a video to do, so I decided hey, I'm going to buy some Hot Peppers & Some Flamin Hot Doritos chips..... That challenge did not go well... Had my stomach on another planet

My question is though, Do you guys think I am the first one to think of this challenge? because I've seen Hot food challenges on youtube, but not exactly like this one...

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It honestly doesn't sound like a good idea to me lol.
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Sounds like hell will unleash it self when you hit the toilet for a stop
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Sounds like the perfect way to get heartburn lol
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LB wroteIt honestly doesn't sound like a good idea to me lol.

I'm glad we see eye to eye.
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Sounds really dumb
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Sounds disgusting, but if you want a good mixture, hot cheetos and ramen

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Honestly it comes down to your personal own opinion.

I would definitely try it as I love anything hot.
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