Should I upgrade now

Yes, it is the right time
100.00% (3 votes)
No, patience is key
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  • Summer 2018
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I have saved ~£2000 to build a new gaming / games dev PC but I have recently heard that Nvidia is most likely coming out with a new line up of Graphics Cards at the end of the year (maybe September / October). My current PC is about 5 years old now and she is starting to show her age. I will put lots of additional information below in case it helps you with your answer

Information about what I use my PC for:

Mainly use my PC for playing modern games and games development with the Unity Engine.

My monitor is 4K which most of the time I downsample to 2K due to poor graphics performance on newer games. For my new PC I am going to switch to a 2K 144hz monitor.

My Current Specs:

OS: Windows 10 Home
CPU: i5-4690K
GPU: GTX 980
RAM: 16Gb

Basically my question is should I hold off for these new graphics cards to build a new PC or is now an appropriate time to upgrade?
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Have you got the money ready, and wanting to build a new system? Then yes, it's time to upgrade.

Have you not got the money yet, or are you happy to continue using your current system? Then no, it is not time to upgrade.

I wouldn't be holding off for GPU's that are apparently supposed to be released in close to 6 months, especially when leaks/rumours are all over the place. If you're going to do that, then by October/September, why not just wait until Q2/Q3 of 2021 when we'll probably have next generation AMD CPU's and GPU's?
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21's right on this. By all means the current hardware we have is amazing and one hell of an upgrade from what you're using especially if you decide to run with the 7K, 8K or 9K Intel CPUs or AMDs 3K line. The RTX cards are amazing and RAM has come down along with SSD prices. Though RAM is going up a bit...
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As they said, if you have the money to spent and you don't have other bills and what not then great time to buy, many store's near you will probably lower price's down heavily because they lost a great deal of revenue even if their online stores did good.

Hope it goes well.
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I'd hold off and wait my guy, it'll be worth the wait!
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