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I want to reset my pc. Reformat everything apart from around 3 items. I know i can make a partition and transfer things to that but i want to wipe all my drives but keep Windows, And 2-3 folders with important info. How can i go about doing this as my SSD is full of junk and i want to clean it up and have Games on my HDD and programs/windows on the SSD. Thank you.

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When you go to reset your PC, it gives you the option to keep personal files. So, move said files into my documents, take a backup of them preferably in the cloud then reset your PC.

Windows re installs and you keep your important data.

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As Adam said

Just make a copy of what you wanna save, if its game's or something u can just reinstall that easily but any important file's like documents and what not you can just save on an external hard drive or when you go and reset your pc im pretty sure microsoft give's you the option of choosing what to remove.

But yea, just try and move stuff to an external hard drive or as he said using cloud.
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