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Hey everybody!

It's been a long while since I've posted on here. Since I was last active, reached my 9 year milestone which is super exciting. I realized this while I was on a walk with my mom talking about my childhood and things that influenced who I am today. As the post title states, I also just graduated college. My choice in my career path was in part thanks to growing up on a platform like TTG. I now also have a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology Management which I hope to use to become a System Administrator or Network Architect!

Thanks to everyone here who makes this community possible. Y'all helped me become who I am today, and though I'm not active on here as often anymore, you are all in the back of my mind more than you'd ever know.


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Congrats on both man!
Good to see you've got plans for your career.

I graduated 3 years ago with a bachelors (honours) business management degree. And still unsure what path I want to take.
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Congrats on passing School bro and 9 years! Hope you have an awesome career see you at 10 years
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Congrats on both ma man!!!
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Congrats on both bro
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Wow that's awesome congrats!
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congrats on 9 years
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Congratulations on becoming a 9 year member, also nice job chasing your dreams.
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Congratulations on getting your bachelors and 9 years!
I hope you are able to get into Network Architect!

See you at 10 years and hopefully next time your here for a milestone you can confirm with good news that you finally got that job you deserve!
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Amazing bro congrats to that !
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